Friday, February 5, 2010

The List

I've come face to face with others and my mortality this week, that's what a funeral, a dying relative and being holed up indoors for a week will do to you. 

This year will be my 33rd on God's earth and I found myself doing what would have never crossed my mind a few months ago. Instead of New Year resolutions (which I admittedly make but never write down) I found myself making a 'to do before 40' list. Not that the number 40 is the end, but I guess I chose the the figure both symbolically and so as to set a deadline I can respect.
Some of my friends already have this list, some have a travel list like the seven wonders of the world they'd like to see. I've always kind of laughed such a list off, in my regard, thinking destiny and life have already written mine so who am I to interfere. 
Well the funeral and the thought of looming death got me thinking, what if when my time comes I look back and realise I have not done half of what I wanted to. So, yes, I've written a list. It's not too long, it's not specific in the details, it may change, well hopefully it will as I get things done. 

The point is, I've learnt or reaffirmed a few things about myself. I'm not intent on seeing the wonders of the world but I do want to learn how to ride a bike and I do visualise myself on Vepsa holidays scooting around Sicily. I'd love to swim with dolphins and learn how to surf. Although upon reading some of the list I may giggle and snort, it is what I want deep down! And who am I to stop myself?

2010 is all about reaching for the stars with my feet a few millimetres off the ground.