Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year Resolution no#1

My plan for 2011 is to become fidgety, it's a whole Zen 'ants in my pants' philosophy to life. While remaining calm and focused I plan on moving and shifting it (It mainly being my bum). So the general public are welcome to the occasional prodding and cracking of the whip if they see me dawdling for too long in the same position... The above poster is intentionally extra big so as not to miss it, it is hung up in my office and will be plastered on my fridge door this afternoon!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Rain, the slow pitter patter. Lightening flashing searching the skies.

Pitter patter turning to a storm, a rush of water to a flood. Clearing, canceling out the summer dust and air.

Thunder waking up the world, raging, electrifying and energising. Not calming in the least.

Outside looks like the sky's hung a huge disco ball.

Downpour lashing at the window panes, it's better indoors.

Faster, more intense, gushing mercilessly, with no end in sight. Weather I feel your pain, your plight.

Now a shower, then a trickle, moving on, disco ball still flashing, lighting up the neighbourhood.

Moving on, going back to sleep.


Monday, October 11, 2010


Corners, not always a good place to be, especially when we back ourselves into one and have no escape route planned. 

Standing in a corner facing the wall, crying. Corners, not reassuring in the least. 

Wide awake at 5am contemplating corners, not a good place to be. 

Corners, emotionally stifling.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Porn the Musical

Tomorrow a Maltese produced work of art, Porn the Musical, will be shown from the 7th April to the 1st May 2010 at Theatre 503, London, UK. I saw this a few months ago and can honestly say I laughed till I cried! I had gone along just to offer moral support to a friend and ended up loving every moment of it and wishing it would never end. 
I have been told that ever since it has been fine tuned and improved. So if you happen to be passing through London at the end of this month, do not miss your chance to watch it! Break a leg Porn cast!:)

Friday, March 26, 2010


 This afternoon my mind has been wrestling with the news that a dear and cherished colleague of mine passed away at a too young an age to die. After the initial shock of the sad news had passed and the mourning had set in, words were exchanged along the lines of 'he was such a vibrant person and I just cannot belief it has happened!' 

All the way home I got to thinking about how I will die. It is a dead cert that this will happen one day and I wonder how it will happen. I have not only been thinking about what I will be doing when it happens but also how I will face it. Will I cry, will I feel sorry for myself, will I be angry or sad?... Will I call out for my mother or will I beg for God's forgiveness and ask for entry to Heaven. Will I be a coward or face it chin high? 
And that got me thinking about my funeral. I have thought about it many times before. Will people come? Will they really mourn my loss? Who will sit in the back chattering away throughout the whole service?

These are unanswerable thoughts which do not give much solace... but when you think about it, are they really intended to?

Friday, February 5, 2010

The List

I've come face to face with others and my mortality this week, that's what a funeral, a dying relative and being holed up indoors for a week will do to you. 

This year will be my 33rd on God's earth and I found myself doing what would have never crossed my mind a few months ago. Instead of New Year resolutions (which I admittedly make but never write down) I found myself making a 'to do before 40' list. Not that the number 40 is the end, but I guess I chose the the figure both symbolically and so as to set a deadline I can respect.
Some of my friends already have this list, some have a travel list like the seven wonders of the world they'd like to see. I've always kind of laughed such a list off, in my regard, thinking destiny and life have already written mine so who am I to interfere. 
Well the funeral and the thought of looming death got me thinking, what if when my time comes I look back and realise I have not done half of what I wanted to. So, yes, I've written a list. It's not too long, it's not specific in the details, it may change, well hopefully it will as I get things done. 

The point is, I've learnt or reaffirmed a few things about myself. I'm not intent on seeing the wonders of the world but I do want to learn how to ride a bike and I do visualise myself on Vepsa holidays scooting around Sicily. I'd love to swim with dolphins and learn how to surf. Although upon reading some of the list I may giggle and snort, it is what I want deep down! And who am I to stop myself?

2010 is all about reaching for the stars with my feet a few millimetres off the ground.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

an Ode to January Sales

                                                                                  A spot of shopping

January 2010 has started off well, amongst various resolutions of major weight loss and staying away from the booze, I also decided to indulge in the January sales.

I just came back a happy shopper, having found quite a few good deals my favorite being a red leather pair of gloves from M&S! I was lucky, due to the wickedly cold wind and rain the shops were not crowded and you could actually see and get to the clothes.

I had forgotten how therapeutic shopping could be!:)