Saturday, December 5, 2009

November '09

So November 2009 has whizzed by! Between 2 trips abroad and a bought of the flu (not of the swine kind) I have stumbled upon December and I'm wondering what has happened in the meantime. Some how I've been snap happy throughout the month of November and below is a resume of my memories and lessons.

                       This is why I love living in Malta, where do you find such beautiful skies!?!

A friend of mine and I went out for dinner and I discovered Primitivo (above) and the road sign below...

                                                                        enough said...!

Moscow is tough and cold... in more ways than one could imagine

   I will definitely return to the multi- cultural city of Malmo, Sweden, although rainy it was beautiful and inspiring. Aside from Abba, Pippi long stockings and Bjorn Borg, Sweden has other great exports such as the crime story I read while there, it was a gift and is set in Malmo so I thought it appropriate. It is from the 1960s Martin Beck series "Murder at the Savoy' by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo.  I'm intrigued and hooked!

2,600+ students graduated this year from the Univ of Malta and boy have we heard every single one of them celebrating around the offices from morning till sundown... what stamina!

And on the 30th November I bought a Christmas tree which did not fit in the booth of my car and eventually did fit into the back seat with a shove and a push... It now sits in my hall with the rest of my decorations patiently awaiting the 8th December... but that is another story or blog.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Festa ta` San Martin

The feast of Saint Martin (11th November) must be one of my favorite feasts in the year. I suspect this is mainly because of the food traditions linked to it. 

Tradition dictates that most children are given a borza ta` San Martin (a bag of St M.), which usually comes full of nuts mainly almonds, walnuts and various citrus namely mandarins and oranges. Back in the day some lucky children would also be given 75 cents from the older people in the village.

This morning I went to my baker, round the corner, to buy milk and saw my first hobz ta San Martin (St Martin bread). I had to buy two, cut them in half and devowered one with a tick layer of butter spread in the middle. The mix of the sweetness from the bun and saltyness of the butter is divine. 

The buns are soft and sweet, made with flour, butter, milk and lemon and tangerine zest. Most times a liquorish sweet can be found stuck in the bun. They are seasonal and make for a tasty alternative b'fast.
For the foodies amongst you, a good recipe can be found here

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Public (mis)behaviour

Today I decided to take a break from reading newspapers, on-line comments and most current affair (political) blogs. Reason for this is that it's downright depressing!! 

Whenever I sit down with a cuppa tea to relax for an hour or so and catch up on what is happening 'out there', I get a kinda loony tune impression. There seems to be a lot of confusion in what people write. Maybe the wave of enlightenment that has swept over many has filled their brains to full capacity and this knowledge is quickly rather than slowly driving them insane (my personal theory).

I donno! All I know it that I've decided to shy away to preserve my sanity. I hope the on-line mood picks up before the Christmas season begins or it is going to be truly bleak holiday period.
In the meantime I shall be reading about fun things in life such as shopping, books, theatre and cinema. 

And that leads me to my last point. Last night I watched  a fantastic film 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' (1969) originally a Muriel Spark book but adapted to a film including fantastic actors such as Maggie Smith and Robert Stephens. Such a classic and a good laugh! It should bring back lovely memories to all of you who went to private schools!:)


Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Summer '09 in Malta

Summer was a mixed bag, the usual BBQs and some culture thrown in!

A visit to Villa Francia, Lija (top) and the 
neighbourhood (bottom)


A dessert that characterises Summer 


And a Wedding!:)

Summer did start off with a sad adieu to some dear friends who returned to the USA. 

Then there was Moby's concert but no decent pictures were taken as I was too busy jumping, yelling and singing (screaming) along!:) 

I moved house in August... moved from the South West of Malta to the deep deep South. 

And I wonder why I'm exhausted! 

Well Summer '09 will definately be one for the books and I will look back on it with pride, happiness and nostalgia!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

nervous and apprehensive...

Not about exam results no not at all... stomach butterflies about going out as an adult with people to socialise, after 9pm in a wine bar. Am I mad, I like to think not, but yes my behaviour is even alarming to me! I've been a hermit for most of Summer and I'm feeling out of touch. What to wear? how to look?! I'm fine doing day activities but when it comes to going out 'partying', feelings of inadequacy start to surface. I'm sure I'll get over it one of these days... when I grow out of my thirties:)...

Well yes I was a hermit, went out for one wedding and one party in total, those will be the memories of Summer'09 for me. But Winter '09 is still to be discovered. In November I'll be traveling to Russia and Sweden, I've been 'grounded' for about 9 months. It will be good to get out of the country. And then in December there is Christmas a wonderful time in my books. Chores around the house, painting 2 flights of stairs about 36 steps in total, shall be a first but I'm up for the challenge, do not want any more destructive workmen in my den!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Did you know 4.0

I remember my first mobile telephone was the size of TV remote control (OMG!). I remember once upon a time I used to spend at least 1.5 hrs a day on the telephone to my friends these days I sms, email, msn, skype, facebook or tweet them (LOL!)

I used to write proper English, today I make mistakes like u (you), r (are) or wat/wen/were in uni assignments or official letters. I used to read real newspapers and get ink marks on my fingertips these days I scan the news over the net for free. Life has changed! This 4 minute presentation shows how much times have changed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September weather...

This can be classed as one of my favorite times of the year when in September after five months of unrelenting sun and heat, the first thunderstorms and rain come along and clean out the air.

September in Malta is quite an experience, a battle of the forces of nature. Rain, storms, thunder, lightening and then strong winds blow and batter this tiny island. I love all the drama about it, the changing light, colours and smells. Out door events change from concerts and festivals to exhibitions, theatre, opera and film. BBQs transform into candle lit suppers at friends. And my most favorite is that I revert back to drinking red wine, my trusty bottle of Gin safely packed away till next June.

This morning I got caught in a downpour on the way to my car, linen trousers soaked and shoes nearly ruined. But that is the first sign of Autumn and don't we need it! Bring on the challenge Mother nature. I'll be ready for it tomorrow, brolly, wellies and all!