Friday, March 26, 2010


 This afternoon my mind has been wrestling with the news that a dear and cherished colleague of mine passed away at a too young an age to die. After the initial shock of the sad news had passed and the mourning had set in, words were exchanged along the lines of 'he was such a vibrant person and I just cannot belief it has happened!' 

All the way home I got to thinking about how I will die. It is a dead cert that this will happen one day and I wonder how it will happen. I have not only been thinking about what I will be doing when it happens but also how I will face it. Will I cry, will I feel sorry for myself, will I be angry or sad?... Will I call out for my mother or will I beg for God's forgiveness and ask for entry to Heaven. Will I be a coward or face it chin high? 
And that got me thinking about my funeral. I have thought about it many times before. Will people come? Will they really mourn my loss? Who will sit in the back chattering away throughout the whole service?

These are unanswerable thoughts which do not give much solace... but when you think about it, are they really intended to?